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We believe that education can break the cycle of poverty and unlock the full potential of a child to achieve their life’s mission.   The communities we serve in northern Haiti have limited resources, with most families living off whatever income they can generate from their gardens – small acreage farms growing vegetables to eat, and sugar cane or coffee to sell.  An injury, a sickness, a bad harvest can set a family back and wipe out any opportunity to pay for school for their children.   While Haiti does have a public school system, the public schools are under-resourced, over-crowded, and subject to politically driven disruptions and closures.  Even at the public schools, which charge a nominal fee for entry, families are responsible for providing the mandatory uniforms and purchasing all books and materials for their child.

Most families aspire to send their children to one of the many church schools that operate in Haiti – Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Evangelist, and others.  Primary school (K-6) tuition runs about $50 US a year at the Methodist schools in Dondon and Latannerie.   Uniforms, books, lunch money, and materials  cost about another $50 US a year.    Secondary school (7-13) gets progressively more expensive, with the upper grades costing about $600 US per year, plus uniform and books and materials.


NCHM Scholarship Program

In 2013, NCHM started a scholarship program to provide a path to secondary school for students who successfully completed 6th grade at the Dondon school.   Our very first two Dondon scholars, Steff and Jeph, graduated from high school in 2021.  Today, we have over 30 students under scholarship across several primary schools, secondary schools and universities in the north of Haiti, and one university scholar in medical school in Port au Prince.   

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