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North Coast Haiti Mission (NCHM) is a faith-based mission focused on developing leaders for positive change in Haiti.  We do this by pouring our resources and love into building affirming relationships with the youth that come through the churches and schools of the Cap Haitien circuit of the Eglise Methodiste d’Haiti.   


NCHM was founded in 2006, shortly after a small team visited the campus of the Dondon primary school.  We had been traveling to Haiti for several years prior to 2006 to work at a hospital in Limbe.  Curious about what the Methodist church was doing in Haiti, on this trip we had arranged to meet with the Circuit Superintendent to learn about the five schools and nine churches in the Cap Haitien circuit.    We toured several schools in and around Cap Haitien before we heard about a school in the mountain village of Dondon that “most Americans don’t want to go to, it’s too difficult to get there.”  That was our call, and we have been investing in the youth and community of Dondon ever since.

The road to Dondon has improved a bit since then, and we have expanded our reach to include schools and churches at Cap Haitien, Latannerie, and Ranquitte.   We started in 2006 as an informal local church mission at Church of the Saviour UMC in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  In 2009 we became a formal, district-wide mission, and in 2012 we became an Advance Special mission of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.  In 2021 we incorporated North Coast Haiti Mission Inc as a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organized in the state of Ohio. 

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We currently have over thirty students attending Haitian schools and universities on North Coast Haiti Mission scholarships.  We’ve built security walls, gates, classrooms, bathrooms, playgrounds, libraries, solar power systems, and water supply systems.  We’ve re-roofed and re-painted.  We’ve put textbooks into classrooms.  We’ve put food into stomachs.  But most of all we’ve built relationships with families, communities, and institutions that now span 15 years.  We’ve watched some of our students grow from shy 2nd graders into university scholars looking to make a difference in their community and replicate for others what we have done for them.    

We have big dreams, lots of plans, a small but growing donor base, and a relentless focus on removing obstacles to success for the youth we serve.  We are North Coast Haiti Mission.

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