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North Coast Haiti Mission operates in and around Cap Haitien, Haiti.  Cap Haitien is a city of about 250,000 people located on the north coast of Haiti.   It was founded in 1711 and served as the capital of the French colony Saint-Domingue until 1770 when the capital was moved to Port au Prince.  After the Haitian Revolution of 1804 Cap Haitien served as the capital of the Kingdom of Haiti.  Today, Cap Haitien is the second largest city in Haiti and serves as the capital of the Department of Nord (North).  Cap Haitien has an international airport with service from Miami/Fort Lauderdale.  

While the Methodist Church of Haiti operates a well-regarded, flagship school in the center city of Cap Haitien, much of our work is focused on smaller villages that lie well outside the center city.  “Well outside” is a relative term, as the distances are not great – 15 miles from Cap Haitien to Dondon – but the travel time can be unpredictable and long.  

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